Add Multiple Links to your Bio on Instagram or TikTok, step by step.

So one of the problems with Instagram is you can only put one URL in your bio.

I’m going to show you how you can have multiple links and you can also link to your other social media properties.

Here we are looking at an Instagram page and you’ll notice that here’s a link in their bio. If you click that, it’ll open up into a page that has multiple links.

So if you want to add your shopping URL, your YouTube, your Spotify, your SoundCloud, your Twitch, your Spotify, whatever it is, you can create a link that will open up into multiple links. And the way we do that is through

You’ll see it up here on the top. Once you log in, uh, you’re able to create a project and now the project will be where you create all of your LinkedIn pages or your bio pages

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I’ll do another demo here and I’ll create the demo for YouTube. Now once you have the project created, you want to create a bio link and you can choose whatever URL you want. Which is kinda cool.

For this demo we’re going to do Instagram. I’m going to use this one that says And then you can put in whatever you want. Uh, we’ll put in Shopify demo. And so now we’ve created a page. Now we can link to this page from our Instagram or tick talk or basically anywhere you want. Um, and it gives you, um, a pre formatted page already. And what you can do is you can completely just use the editor, whatever you want to put. Um, my, my links and I’ll just run you through it. You can add a description hello world and it updates in real time on the right hand side, which is kinda nice.

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And then if you want to do different backgrounds, you can use some presets. So I’ll use blue and then I’m going to update that page. Now at the very top you can start adding more links and there’s a little link option with links. Now it already gave you one, so you can edit this one if you want, or two, whatever you want. So here we will put in our YouTube channel if we wanted to and then we could add an icon in front of it. Uh, let’s put in film or let’s put in camera. Let’s look for the camera. How would I camera all right, you can change the text color of the background of the actual link. And I’m going to go ahead and update that now. And then if you wanted to add another link, you’ll click create. Now from here we can add another link.

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You can add text, you can put texts between links, you can embed your SoundCloud track, you can embed a YouTube video, which is great. Instead of sending something directly to YouTube, you can just have the video embedded, which is great. Uh, you can add your Twitch channel, your Vimeo, uh, videos, Spotify, tic talk. And if you want to collect emails, uh, this is tied in with MailChimp. So if you want to collect emails for your newsletter or whatever you want to do, and I’ll just add some texts that will do a title. Uh, this is a test. So if you want to break up your page with texts, you can do that and then you can add a description. Hello texts scription cap that as a block and you notice it updates real time on the right hand side, which is great. Now I will create another link just to walk you through this. Uh, let’s just link to how about that? Make it easy for ourselves for the demo and okay, now we go, we’ll edit this link. Here we go. Um, okay.

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Another cool link. Okay. Whatever it is, you get the idea. If you want to add an icon, you can, you can also use emoji. If you want to cut and paste emoji, that’ll work as well. We’ll just put a link in there for the heck of it. You can change the text color. Of course, the background color and all that. It’s a, there’s a few other options if you want to do, um, if you want to change the shape of the link straight round around ID, I’m going to go ahead and update that. All right, so that’s good enough. You get the idea. At the very top is your custom link that you can paste in YouTube or Instagram or tick talk, whatever you want. Click the copy to clipboard. So we got that. You can go to your Instagram page, edit your profile, and in your website URL you can paste it. So there we go. My Shopify demo, which we just created and now it’s updated. Let’s take a look at the page. Okay, so there we go. My Shopify demo. If we click it and there you go. So now that is easiest way to add multiple links. I mean, it’s super simple. Just go to, link will be in the description. So thanks for watching.

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