Let’s talk about the differences between Linktree and

I’ve posted a video that walks you through the differences in the Free versions of both platforms.

You be the judge on what you prefer and which looks better to you.

Linktree versus LinkinBio. Here it is.

This is what you can build with Linktree. Notice these links. One goes to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn.

You set up a link with Linktree and then you can create multiple links on your page, and that’s it. You get assigned a link or a URL at the top, as you can see. And that’s what you can do. You can put in your profile image, you’re assigned a name. So that could be your Instagram username, or what have you. And then these are the links that you can add, and you can change the background color. So that’s what it looks like.

LinkTree Example Page

Now, here’s LinkinBio. Some of you may prefer the left side, some may prefer the right side.

LinkInBio Example Page

The main differences between LinkTree and LinkInBio Free plans are: Features

  1. Free Plan
  2. Custom URL (
  3. Profile Image
  4. Multiple Links in your Bio
  5.  … not much else

LinkInBio Features

  1. Free Plan
  2. Custom URL (12 Domains of your choice. i.e.
  3. Profile Image
  4. Multiple Links in your bio plus Social Media Icons.
  5. Button Links
  6. Custom Fonts
  7. Statistics
  8. SEO Friendly (Get google traffic to your LinkInBio)

LinkTree Background Options

With you have the option of 9 Preset background colors. If you want more options you’ll need to upgrade to their pro account, starting at $6/month.

Linktree background options

LinkInBio Free Background Options

With you get 6 preset custom backgrounds and unlimited possibilities if you make your own. You can also choose from a Solid Background color, Background Image or Custom color gradient to match your Brands colors.

LinkInBio offers Advanced Statistics

Get the follow Statistics about your LinkInBio page with every Free Plan.

  1.  Latest Activity (latest users to visit)
  2. Referrer Data
  3. Country Data
  4. Devices people are using
  5. Browsers people are using
  6. Browser Languages
  7. Operating Systems
Free LinkInBio Statistics and Analytics

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