Free Shoppable Instagram Feed for Etsy

5 Steps to creating and IG Feed

Let me show you how to build a shoppable feed that you can share on on your Social Media pages.

In 5 easy steps you can create your own URL with all your Posts linked to your Listings and Products.

  1.  Login to your account
  2. Choose or create your Project
  3. Next, Choose or create your Project Link
  4. Select Links from the menu
  5. Choose the CREATE option and select Instagram Feed
shoppable etsy gallery on instagram
Step 1 - login

Step 1

  1. Login to
Link In Bio allows Merchants, Business owners, Brands, Celebrities, Influencers and creatives to add multiple links to their Social Media profiles.

Step 2

Create your Project Folder. You can organize all your Created links inside this Project folder.

Ideally you’ll create a folder for each Business, Person or Theme.

You’ll save the Project Link you’ll use across all the Social Platforms inside this folder.

  1.  Create or Choose an existing Project

Step 3

  1. Create or choose an existing Project Link
The Project Link will be where you create the actual URL you save to your Social Profile.
This Link will be the URL you place in your Bio on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or any other Platform you use.
This is where you get to define the name of the URL in the next steps.
This is also the page that gives you analytics for your entire group of Links inside the project.

Step 4

Now that you have your URL created, you can start building the look and feel of your page.

  1.  Choose the Create button.
  2. Next, select the Instagram Feed
  3. You’ll need to connect your LinkInBio page URL to the Instagram page you want to use for your gallery feed.

Step 5

Once you’ve connected your Instagram page to, you can now assign each post to a URL.

  1. Choose a grayed out Instagram Thumbnail to select it.
  2.  Now you can manually add a URL to the Thumbnail
  3. Or choose to connect the thumbnail to an Etsy or Shopify listing or product.