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Walmart LinkInBio?

What we can learn from Walmarts LinkInBio

Let’s take a look at Walmart and see how they can improve connecting their audience to all of their properties. Because one of the things about Walmart is they’re very inconsistent and I think there’s an easier way for them to really communicate with their followers. And if we do this in the right way, by using a LinkInBio, they could push out relevant information and update one link across all their properties. If we take a look at Instagram, you’ll see that they have a link in their bio here and then they’re using a Bitly. And if we click that link it actually goes to an article that they’ve written at their corporate site.

This is a piece of information that they want to push out to their followers and they think it’s relevant. One of the problems is they didn’t update it on Twitter. We go to Twitter, they’re still linking to If we go to their TikTok, there is no link in their bio and they could have added it, which they haven’t done. If we look at their Pinterest, they’re linking to Walmart. If we go to their YouTube and if we go to about them, they’re linking to, right?

There’s no consistency. If they really wanted to push out relevant information there’s an easy way to do it and that’s by setting up a LinkInBio. And I’m going to run you through this really quickly. If we look at their Instagram page they’re using a Bitly. And the reason people use Bitlys is because they want to track click-through rates, they want to track impressions, they want to track uniques. That’s why you would use a Bitly and that’s a third party service.

What they could do and it would be so easy for them, is if they set up one link that they put on all their properties and then all they have to do is edit one page and then every property will see the same exact updates. They won’t have to log into YouTube, they won’t have to log into TikTok or Twitter or Instagram and update all the links. They update a page that they all link to, which is called a LinkInBio.

I’m going to run you through this real quick, will probably take about four minutes. I’m going to log in, this is LinkInBio. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to just go ahead and go into a project, we’re going to create a link for Walmart and I’m going to show you how quickly and easy it is. When you first create your page or the unique URL that you would put on across all your properties, you can select a domain name that’s relevant to your niche. In this scenario we’ll just use the default and I’m just going to call this Walmart and we’re going to create this page.

Now, look, we have a blank canvas. And what has what has happened is we’ve created a link for them. We can copy that and that’s the link that they would input on across all their properties. And here we go, it’s blank, it’s purple. Of course, it looks nothing like what Walmart represents. It doesn’t look like their brand, but we can simply edit it and add whatever we want. The first thing you would probably is you’d want to change your profile image so people understand your logo. We’ll do that.

Now we’ve got the Walmart logo and maybe we might make the title tag Walmart, pretty simple. And we call it Walmart Superstores. Now, of course, they could put whatever they want. This is just more for demo so we call it superstores. Super… stores, there you go. And we’ll put an exclamation, there we go. Now we can add a little display of verified check marks so hey, it looks legit. And so we’re using the white color. Now, the background doesn’t exactly match so let’s go take a look at their page Walmart here.

I use this Chrome extension that allows me to hover over colors and it gives me the code right there. I’m going to copy that code. And if you want to know what that extension is I’ll put the link in the description. Let’s go back to LinkInBio. And what we’re looking at here is the background type. For Walmart, I would just choose a custom color. Let’s go ahead and change that to the color that they’re using. So there, now you can see that we’re starting to look more like a Walmart page and you’ll notice they have a link already there.

What I would do is if you go to the top, click links, we have an existing link in that set by default so it shows you how to do it. And what I would do if I would probably just add… let’s take a look. This is their Android app, because most people are on mobile these days so if I was Walmart I’d be really pushing my users and my followers to use the apps because people are used to buying through their apps. Let’s take a look. Let’s go here and we’ll change this to Android app download. And let’s change the link. Now that goes to the Google Play Store, and then what we would do is I would add an app icon up front. Let’s look at Android, so we get a little Android.

Now on the right you can see that we’re starting to… it’s updating in real time and there you go. Now there’s other options and you can explore those if you choose to come and mess with this. Now we have that, and then let’s go to and create another link. We’ll do another one more. And this one we’re going to do the iTunes Store. Okay, here we go. Let’s grab their… this is their iTunes app and we’re going to go ahead and add that to this. Bam, bam, add the URL. Okay, let’s go ahead and edit it. And we’re going to call this the iTunes app download. Let’s add an icon to it, Apple. Okay?

Now, what I might do is because they like to use yellow, and they do use a lighter blue, we could mess with the colors if we wanted. What I would do… let’s find that light blue. Okay, let’s just grab yellow for now. We grab that. Okay, now we got their yellow. We’ll go back to the editor and maybe we might change the Walmart Superstores. Let’s go to settings and we can change this color from white to yellow. Now we have a better contrast with the background.

Here’s what would happen. What they could do since they’re really trying to push this article, which is this article here, A Simple Step to Help Keep You Safe. And what I would do is I would copy that URL and we would go here, let’s create a new text link, okay? And we’ll paste that URL here, let’s add that URL. And then what is the title they’re using? A Simple Step to Help Keep You Safe. Let’s go. I’ll just copy the whole thing for now just for demo. And let’s see here you’re on the cue, let’s edit this.

We can change the title of it right there, bam. And maybe an article might be, I don’t know, paper… we’ll try this. Okay. We could do that, we could also change the color of the link if we wanted to, but now you get the idea. If we take a look at the URL and we’ve created it to appear at the top, LinkInBio, Walmart, we copy it, let’s go take a look. Let’s refresh. Now you can see that we’re starting to build out a way for Walmart to connect with their followers across all their properties. They only have to edit this page and it’ll update everywhere, and then they can deep link into specific areas of the website.

Instead of linking directly to, they could be linking to specific products, they could be linking to specific pages and they could really push the user deeper into the website instead of letting the user or the follower just kind of figuring it out, right? If you’re a small business or you run a company and you have a lot of social media properties that you’re trying to keep up to date and you want to connect with your user on a different level, this is the way you would do it. You set up a LinkInBio.

And there’s a lot more features to it and we could dig into it a little bit later. But if you go back to settings, I mean, I can just give you a brief overview. We have analytics, you could add all of your social links. If you want to put your customer service phone number, if you wanted to put an email, if you wanted to add your Facebook, your Facebook Messenger. As you can see we have Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. You could put your actual YouTube channel URL. If you do anything with SoundCloud, LinkedIn, of course you’re going to have a LinkedIn page.

If you do anything with Spotify, you can embed Spotify podcasts into your page. And of course you can add your Pinterest. There’s a lot of possibilities here and you just edit everything in this editor, as long as you have that URL and all your properties, and now you have one central way to communicate and to communicate one message across all of your platforms. That’s the beauty of LinkInBio.

And well, that’s pretty much it. You can explore this if you want it’s called And that’s about it and that’s how I would do it for Walmart. And in the next tutorial we’re going to go over and look at some other businesses and how we could improve what they do. All right, I just wanted to show you a quick update. One thing that I wanted to also show you which is a really cool feature and this would benefit Walmart and any business that uses YouTube is you have the ability to embed videos, which is great.

Let me just show you this real quick, it won’t take too long. Here’s their video and they have it set as a primary or they have it pinned to the top of their page. What you do is you just get the URL to the video that you want to embed with. Go back to your editor, and we’re in the Walmart page. Let’s create a YouTube, paste the video, add video, okay? Now look, it shows up in the editor. What I might do is I would drag that to the top, so let’s get it up there. The video is now at the top and if we were to refresh their page, look, now the video is at the top. The benefit of embedding a video into your page is massive.

If you’re just sending the user to a link on YouTube you’re going to lose the user. They’re going to get distracted, they’re going to click other links, they’re going to follow a playlist, they’re going to follow recommended videos. If you want to control the user or keep the user in your environment, embed the video. And this is how you would do it. Look at that, isn’t that beautiful? Now you have an embedded video right on your page, and then if you want to update that video you can do it all through your editor and that will be reflected across all of your social media properties. That’s the update on YouTube. It’s a great feature and if you haven’t checked out LinkInBio, I highly suggest you do that.

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